How Much Does It Cost to Have a House Clearance?

When the time comes for a house clearance, whether it’s due to moving, decluttering, or managing an estate after a loved one’s passing, one of the primary concerns is often the cost. The pricing for house clearance services can vary, influenced by several key factors. This blog aims to shed light on the general considerations and components that play a role in determining these costs.

1. Size and Volume of the Property:

Naturally, a larger property or one filled with numerous items will require more time and labor. A multi-story house or a property with outbuildings may also carry additional costs compared to a smaller, single-story dwelling.

2. Type and Quantity of Items:

A house filled with heavy furniture, appliances, or special items that require careful handling or specific disposal methods can increase the cost. Additionally, valuable items that can be resold might offset the total cost.

3. Accessibility:

Properties that are easily accessible, without tight staircases or other challenging spaces, will generally be quicker (and therefore cheaper) to clear.

4. Location of House Clearance:

The geographical location of the property can influence the cost. Some regions may have higher labor rates or disposal fees.

5. Disposal Fees:

Depending on the nature and volume of items to be discarded, there might be fees associated with disposing of them, especially if there are many items that can’t be recycled or donated.

6. Additional Services:

Some house clearance services might offer cleaning, repair, or other services post-clearance. While these can be immensely beneficial, especially for those looking to sell or rent out their property afterward, they will impact the overall cost.

7. Time and Labor:

The number of professionals needed and the estimated time it will take to complete the clearance will be key components in determining the overall cost.

8. Special Requirements:

Certain situations, like clearing a hoarder’s home or dealing with potentially hazardous materials, can also affect the pricing.

Get Your Personalised House Clearance Quote Today!

While this guide offers a general understanding of the factors influencing house clearance costs, every situation is unique. To get an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs, it’s best to consult directly with professionals. If you’re considering a house clearance and want a clear, competitive, and comprehensive quote, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We at Grab-it pride ourselves on our transparent pricing and top-tier services. Contact us today and let’s make your house clearance as hassle-free and cost-effective as possible!

Click a load size to get an estimate!

Small Load

2 cubic yards with 15 minutes loading time. Equivalent to 4 washing machines, 15 black bags or a mini skip. 200KG Weight limit.

Medium Load

6 cubic yards with 30 mins loading. Equivalent to 12 washing machines, 50 bin bags or a builder's skip. 500KG weight limit.

Large Load

10 cubic yards & 45 minutes loading. Equivalent to 20 washing machines,70 black bags or two builder’s skips. 900KG Weight limit.

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Jon Leslie
Jon Leslie
Came promptly, good quote and great service
Nicola Clarke
Nicola Clarke
Great service, lovely staff. They cleared our garage for us and were friendly, and helpful. Would 100% recommend.
Marcus Cole
Marcus Cole
Great service from Jess, Will and the team. Cleared all the waste and left the area clean and tidy. Highly recommend
Jo Shaw
Jo Shaw
I had Grab-it in to clear my shop of everything, was an emotional day for me, and the guys were amazing. Couldn’t have been more helpful and the job they did was amazing. Would thoroughly recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys again you made a tough job so easy.
Sophie bailey
Sophie bailey
Today I had grab-it come and take away our house renovation waste that we had been sitting in our garden for a little while. It wasn’t an easy job by any means with a steep slope to climb up and down, and a large amount of mixed waste. The team were fantastic, very polite and even swept up afterwards. Thank you so much to the grab it team for a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend to any friends and family.
ella butler
ella butler
Great service quick and efficient. Thank you
craig monks
craig monks
Were called to do a last minute very importent clean turned up with in a couple of hours and completed the job 100% great and outstanding work HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Joe Smith
Joe Smith
Brilliant service. Emailed Sunday, collected Monday. Quick, efficient, tidy and very friendly. Highly recommended 👍
Maree Shaw
Maree Shaw
I can’t express how happy I am with the work that was done in my garden today. One man came first and chopped up the hot tub and then another came to help. They cleared the garden really quickly and cleaned up after themselves. I was so impressed. They were both really nice and friendly. Highly recommend.
Janice Pointon
Janice Pointon
Collected my garage waste at short notice . They arrived on time and were very polite and cheerful . In addition they were very efficient , and they swept up afterwards! I felt the price I paid was very fair . All in all , very pleased with the service and would recommend .

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